Category: Trading Equipment

2. “Destec”

AZ1000, Baku

53, Salamzadeh str.

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Bar Coding, Encoding & Decoding Equipment, Computers: Software, It Services, Programming & Technical Complexes, Restaurants, Cafes, Bars: Equipment, Trading Equipment, Warehousing Equipment,

Logix ERP: – 30 Modules – 800+ Companies – 2000+ Users Our goal is to automate ERP and CRM processes of majority of small and mid size companies of Azerbaijan. Market place   / Warehouse and Sales Management / Supermarket Management / Sales management in Clothes / Mobile Sales   Management Systems   / Production […]

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3. “Temizkom” Cleaning Services LLC

AZ1110, Baku

98, Academic Hasan Aliyev str.

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Administrations, Advertising: Arrangement Of Advertising In Press, Advertising: Production, Air & Railway Travel Agencies, Air Conditioners, Airlines, Antique-Shop, Archives, Auditing Services, Automated Operation Systems, Bags, Banking Equipment, Banks & Banking Activity, Beauty Parlours & Salons, Beer, Bicycles, Building Equipment, Business Centres, Business Service, Cards, Carpets Cleaning, Casting, Catering, Certification Of Product, Accreditation & Certification Of Testing Centres, Laboratories & Enterprises, Cleaning Services, Committees, Communication: Assembly, Construction & Repair, Communication: Equipment, Design & Construction, Computers: Software, Consulting Service, Copying, Copying Machines: Maintenance & Repair, Courier Service, Air & Land Delivery, Cultural Centres, Customs Service, Decorative & Auxiliary Materials, Appliances, Disinfectant & Deratization Agents, Disposable Dishes, Drilling Agents & Their Components, Drilling Equipment, Drives, Dry Cleaning, Dryers, Drying Equipment & Devices, Earth Moving, Embassies, Consulates, Engineering, Escalators, Exhibitions & Fairs, Floor Coverings, Food Products, Fuel Oil, Funds, Galleries, Games, Gas, Gas Piperline, High-Altitude Operations, Holding Companies, Holiday Homes & Sanatoria, Hotels, Household Appliances, Houses & Buildings, Human Resources, Humanitarian Organizations, Industrial & Civil Engineering Design, It Services, Mail Order Catalogue, Medical Centres, Moving Services, Museums, News Agencies, Office Equipment, Oil, Oil & Gas Industry: Design & Construction, Oil & Gas Production Equipment, Oil & Gas Refinery Equipment, Organization of Events and Holidays, Petrol, Promotion, Public Baths, Saunas, Public Organizations, Real Estate: Agencies, Real Estate: Real Estate Activity, Representative Offices Of Foreign Companies, Organizations & Joint-Ventures, Restaurants, Cafes & Bars, Sea And River Ports, Shipbuilding & Shiprepair, Shop-Window, Sport & Tourist Equipment, Supermarkets, Surface Cleaning, Taxi, Television & Radio Broadcasting, Theatre & Concert Activity, Tourism, Sightseeing (Travel Agencies), Trade Centers, Trading Equipment, Translation & Interpretation, Visa Support: Issue & Registration, Welding,

The cleaning company “TEMIZKOM” offers a full range of services, including not only the traditional cleaning of the premises, but also cleaning the facades and windows (including using climbing equipment), cleaning carpets, timely removal of garbage. As a rule, a staff member can not cope with such a high level of work, so contacting a […]

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4. “Özkaya Group”

AZ1060, Baku

Nizami Region; Block 24/10; 526

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Building Materials: Scaffolding System, Catering: Equipment, Gas-Stoves, Kitchen Utensils, Refrigerating Equipment, Restaurants, Cafes, Bars: Equipment, Shop-Window, Trading Equipment,

OZKAYA GROUP started business in Azerbaijan in 1995 by Mr. Ali Yağcıoğlu, as a producer of various scaffolding systems, adjustable props and other construction elements from steel pipes (with all necessary quality). Starting from 2004, OZKAYA GROUP started production of professional kitchen equipment from stainless steel including industrial refrigators, and in 2007 OZKAYA GROUP entered […]

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