Established on December 1, 2016, Altair Technologies LLC, despite having just 3 years of experience, has already become a leading company in the fields of operation in the country and has implemented many large and significant IT and Fintech projects. Altair Technologies LLC operates mainly in the following areas:  
  • Cash funds, treasury equipment and solutions for the retail sector - Kisan and Lidix / Korea, Vama and Giesecke Devrient / Germany, Griffon / Ukraine.
  • Self-Service Equipment, Solutions, Software and EH for Financial Markets (ATM, ADM, Terminals, Software & Solutions) - Nautilus / Korea, CMT, PayLogic and Indemit / Russia, TSYS / USA.
  • Office Equipment and IT Solutions - Dell and Xerox / US, Schneider Electric / France, Checkpoint / USA, Cisco / US, Ricoh and OKI / Japan.
  • Advertising and printing equipment - Roland / Japan, GCC LaserPro / Taiwan, Aristo / Germany, GZM / China, Xerox / USA.
  • Maintenance and Repair Services for the above-mentioned
  • In these areas, Altair Technologies LLC is a leading integrator and works closely with most of the country's largest banks, government and commercial organizations, advertising companies and publishing houses.
  • The slogan “Innovation for Azerbaijan” is a mission of our company and our mission is to make our business more powerful, profitable, efficient and flexible by introducing the latest innovative solutions available to companies and organizations based in Azerbaijan.
  • The latest solutions for your business are available in Altair Technologies LLC.
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