Essa , one of the Essa Group Consumer Goods Group companies, offers professional cleaning, hygiene, food products and services to customers through complete solutions. Essa  is one of the leading Azerbaijan companies that meet away from home requirements of customers, thanks to its customer-oriented sales team and effective after sales services.

Essa, has been operating in “Away From Home Consumption” sector as one of the companies in Essa Group Consumer Products Group. Essa offers professional cleaning, hygiene, cleaning eqiupments and services to businesses through complete solutions. Providing professional solutions to more than 1.000 businesses with high quality and service standards from top to bottom.

Essa  serves tourism, food and beverage, shopping centre, education and healthcare sectors with a wide range of products. Backed by Essa reliability and experience, Essa offers services in 3 main groups and more than 600 varieties of product. Being one of the leading Azerbaijan companies in away from home market.

Essa provides products in “Cleaning Paper Products”, “Cleaning and Hygiene Chemical Products” and “Cleaning and Hygiene Support Products” categories of hygiene solutions. Among hygiene brands of Essa  are Tork Professional(, Viking Professional, Viking Sailor ( and Derin Endustriyel(www. have been presented


We deem product and service quality as one, and raise the growth line we caught by the power of our values we don’t compromise, our consistent and modest structure.

Our sense for service, taking into consideration the customer needs, meeting them precisely and providing value added solutions with a large product range and R&D services is among the most important factors which define our identity. And the thorough customer services we provide is inspiring our effort at every stage.