Category: Representative Offices Of Foreign Companies, Organizations & Joint-Ventures

1. “AA Services”

AZ1102, Baku

block 3001, Tbilisi ave.

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Handing, Lifting, Haulage Equipment, Representative Offices Of Foreign Companies, Organizations & Joint-Ventures, Waste Management,

AA Services is a Netherlands registered drilling waste management company. The company differentiates itself from other waste management companies in that it provides a complete integrated waste management service for drilling waste from cradle to grave. The company offers integrated and innovative solutions to the oil and gas industry for the design, build and operation […]

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2. “ACE Forwarding Caspian”

AZ1023, Baku

14KM, Salyan Highway

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Containers: Paper & Card Boxes, Customs Service, Customs Service: Customs Clearance, Moving Services, Package, Production Transport, Representative Offices Of Foreign Companies, Organizations & Joint-Ventures, Transportation & Forwarding Services By Motor Transport, Transportation & Forwarding Services By Railway, Transportation & Forwarding Services By River And Sea, Trasportation By Air,

ACE FORWARDING CASPIAN was established in 1996 as a multimodal logistics & freight forwarding company. From its roots in the emerging Caspian markets we are now one of the world’s leading providers of integrated logistics within the CIS & Caucasia region. Our company has rapidly grown from modest beginnings to boast a staff level or […]

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4. “AN Global Services and Trading LTD MMC”

AZ1031, Baku

31E, Babek ave.

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Cars: Maintenance & Repair, Cars: Repair Equipment & Appliances, Detergents, Dyes & Pigments, Gas Stations, Representative Offices Of Foreign Companies, Organizations & Joint-Ventures, Surface Cleaning,

Sales, service, repair and service of: Auto diagnostic & service equipment: brake tester, wheel demounting, balancing and aligning, a/c testing/ refilling, Oil/grease lubrication centers, gas / smoke analyzing engine testing, injector testing / cleaning, headlights centering Portal and manual car wash units with steam & high pressure cleaning Commercial wet/dry and steam vacuum cleaners, scrubber/dryers, […]

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5. “ATR Caspian Ltd”

AZ1083, Baku

28-30Km, Salyan Highway

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Certification Of Product, Accreditation & Certification Of Testing Centres, Laboratories & Enterprises, Chains, Compressors & Compressing Equipment, Containers, Measuring Equipment, Power Supply, Representative Offices Of Foreign Companies, Organizations & Joint-Ventures, Tractors: Repair & Maintenance Equipment, Wire Ropes,

ATR is the No 1 choice for your global equipment rentals. We deliver our services & products to a range of markets from Offshore and Subsea, Onshore operations & the renewables industry. With a comprehensive range of equipment available for your power, lifting, tooling and subsea needs, ATR’s assets and expertise are fundamental and essential parts of […]

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6. «Albatros Health Care » MMC

AZ1000, Baku

6, Yashar Huseynov str.

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Laboratories, Laboratory & Research Devices & Equipment, Medical Instruments, Apparatus & Equipment, Representative Offices Of Foreign Companies, Organizations & Joint-Ventures,

Официальный дистрибьютор : ABBOTT Diagnostics ABBOTT Molecular ABBOTT Diabet Care ABBOTT Point of Care ABBOTT Vascular BD Bioscience BD PAS BD Diagnostics SEBIA Haemonetics CERUS MEDIPAN COVIDIENT/ MEDTRONIC RADIOMETER DAKO

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7. “AmCham Azerbaijan”, The American Chamber of Commerce in Azerbaijan

AZ1010, Baku

Landmark II, floor 2; 45A, Khagani str.

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Chambers Of Industry & Commerce, Representative Offices Of Foreign Companies, Organizations & Joint-Ventures,

The American Chamber of Commerce in Azerbaijan is a leading non-profit business association supporting and promoting the interests of foreign and local businesses in Azerbaijan. Established in 1996, AmCham Azerbaijan is composed of over 250 Regular and Associate Member Companies active in every sector of the Azerbaijani economy. AmCham Azerbaijan represents nearly 80% of all […]

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8. “Applied Technologies Inc.”, (Ati-Rs)

AZ1065, Baku

"Caspian Plaza II"; floor 12; 44, Jafar Jabbarly str.

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Abrasive Materials & Equipment, Adhesive Tapes, Alarm Systems, Devices & Components, Audio & Video Equipment, Automatic & Tele-Automatic Equipment, Bearings: Electro-Magnetic Bearings, Brushes, Buckets, Building Items, Structures & Semifinished Items, Bushes & Shells, Cable Fixtures, Cable Materials, Cars: Spare Parts, Auxiliary Equipment & Accessories, Chains, Chemical Industry: Equipment & Spare Parts, Clamps, Clothing: Working & Special Purpose Clothes, Communication: Equipment, Production, Sale, Communication: Satellite Communication, Compact-Discs, Compressors & Compressing Equipment, Computers & Hardware, Computers: Maintenance & Repair, Computers: Network & Network Equipment, Computers: Software, Conductors, Containers, Copying Machines, Accessories & Materials, Electric Engines: Units & Parts, Electric Equipment: Converters, Electric Equipment: Fittings, Electric Equipment: High Voltage Apparatus, Electric Equipment: Protection Devices, Electric Equipment: Switchboards, Earth Connection, Contacts, Electric Equipment: Wiring Accessories, Electric Lamps, Electrodes, Fans & Ventilation Equipment, Filters, Fire - Extinguishing Equipment, Footwear: Working & Special Footwear, Furniture: Office, Industrial & Special Purpose Furniture, Gas Industry: Equipment, Gaskets, Generators, Handing, Lifting, Haulage Equipment, Heating, Hot Water Supply: Equipment & Devices, Helmets, Hoses, Hydraulic Liquids & Oils, Industrial Signs, Insulating Electric Tapes, Insulating Materials, Integrated Circuits, Knives & Blades, Labelling Machines & Devices, Lighting Equipment, Mail Order Catalogue, Measuring Instruments & Controllers, Medical Instruments, Apparatus & Equipment, Nets, Office Equipment, Oil & Gas Production Equipment, Oil & Gas Refinery Equipment, Oil & Lubricants, Packing Equipment, Pipe-Lines & Equipment, Pipes: Steel Pipes, Pneumatic Devices, Polishing Equipment, Power Equipment: Control Systems & Mechanisms, Automated Registration, Instrument Stock, Power Supply, Pumps & Pumping Equipment, Radio-Electronic, Electronic & Electric Measuring Instruments, Representative Offices Of Foreign Companies, Organizations & Joint-Ventures, Rescue Equipment & Devices, Ropes, Safety Devices, Saws, Screws, Security & Fire-Fighting Equipment & Devices, Semiconductors, Signs: Equipment & Materials, Silicons & Its Compounds, Stabilizers, Staircases & Ladders, Stationery, Tarpaulin, Testing Equipment, Tools, Tools: Auxiliary & Clamping Tools, Tools: Cutting Tools, Tools: Electric Tools, Tools: Installation & Finishing Tools, Tools: Measuring Tools, Tools: Pneumatic Tools, Tools: Polishing Tools, Tools: Wood Working Tools, Training Aids & Devices For Educational Institutions, Transformers, Transformer Equipment, Valves, Water Treatment: Equipment, Materials & Technology, Welding Equipment, Wires, Wooden Products & Building Constructions, Woodworking Equipment,

Applied Technologies Incorporated (ATI) was established and registered in 1996 in the country of British Virgin Islands and also later registered in UAE, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. ATI operates in the business-to-business segment with the industrial sector by offering distribution services and engineering products to various industries and trades people in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, […]

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9. “Ase Asia Afrika Hizli Cargo”

AZ1001, Baku

61B, Uzeyir Hajibeyli str.

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Communication: Mailing Services, Courier Service, Air & Land Delivery, Customs Service, Customs Service: Customs Clearance, Representative Offices Of Foreign Companies, Organizations & Joint-Ventures, Trasportation By Air, Visa Support: Issue & Registration,

Наша компания предоставляет следующие услуги: – Курьерские услуги – Авиаперевозки мелких и габаритных грузов (от двери до двери) – Грузоперевозки на фурах в режиме “сборных грузов“ или “ группажа“ – Грузоперевозки на кораблях – Таможенные услуги – Страховка груза – Упаковка груза – Collet (забор и перевозка груза с любой точки мира в Баку) – […]

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