Our equipments “HESS” machine-buildingcompany was founded by Mr. Valter Hess inGermany in 1948. HESS company has been specialized in face-stone,ceiling stone, shaped stone, curbstone, gutter, cable hod producing equipment field. Thanks to quality and reliability of equipment modified with the employment of newest technology, HESS company has become the leader in producing concrete equipment.HESS has constructed more than 6000 equipment and industrial lines in different countries of the world. Advantages of vibropresstechnology: -          less cement consumption (220-340 kg/m3); -          drainage of end product with habitat –no need for drainage with steam method and etc.; -          easy and quick passage in production from one variety of goods to another; -          the whole production process is managed by a single unit and fully automatized; -          online observation and control of production by HESS company; -          number of management personnel is minimized thanks to highly automatized system. About the product Advantages of stone plates in comparison with asphalt: -          It’s solidness like a real stone; -          Endurableness to maximum pressure (600 kq/kv.sm); -          Durability and less weathering of stone surface (04 qr/sm); -          Persistance to climatic conditions(stone plates don’t secrete cancerogen substances and soften in hot and sub-zero temperature); -          Chemical strength (chemical substances like petrol, machine oil and etc. absolutely don’t affect plates); -          Esthetic beauty -  different color, shape and design combinations; -          No requirementto special long distance transport terms; -          Possibility of stone plates to be unripped on repair purposes and be re-planked after the repair ends (not available for asphalt).