The cleaning company "TEMIZKOM" offers a full range of services, including not only the traditional cleaning of the premises, but also cleaning the facades and windows (including using climbing equipment), cleaning carpets, timely removal of garbage. As a rule, a staff member can not cope with such a high level of work, so contacting a specialized company not only saves you time and money, but also guarantees quality care for your property in the shortest possible time.
A flexible price and a wide range of options and allow us to undertake the most ambitious projects.
Cleaning in houses, offices and other various facilities:
  • - dry and wet cleaning of carpets and carpeting (carpet);
  • - cleaning of upholstered furniture (sofas, chairs, etc.);
  • - cleaning and polishing of tiles, metal, parquet and solid furniture;
  • - cleaning and disinfection of sanitary units (baths and toilets);
  • - cleaning and disinfection of saunas;
  • - General cleaning after repair;
  • - General cleaning in operated apartments and other premises;
  • - cleaning of windows.
External cleaning:
  • - cleaning by climbers of facade parts of high-rise buildings;
  • - cleaning and polishing of alcapon, stone, marble, granite and glass coatings;
  • - cleaning of roads and squares, gardens and parks;
  • - cleaning bridges, tunnels and transitions;
  • - cleaning of fountains in parks.
Inside cleaning:
  • - cleaning services in homes, offices and other facilities;
  • - Cleaning and cleaning of internal entrances of buildings (corridors, entrances, etc.).
Cleaning and cleaning in suburban areas and country holiday centers:
  • - cleaning and renewal in the court and inland areas;
  • - cleaning, polishing and disinfection of swimming pools;
  • - Cleaning of tennis courts and all kinds of sports areas;
  • - cleaning and disinfection of yacht and boat saloons.
  • - removing stains of dirt and oil, rust, blood, tea, coffee, from different dishes and juices on the surface of carpets, parquet, upholstered furniture, tiles, broomsticks, aglaya and various types of stones, marble, granite, etc.
Other services:
  • - dry cleaning of car interiors;
  • - cleaning of advertising boards by climbers, etc.