Short-run digital printing Colour digital printing from 1 copy! We use color laser and inkjet printers for rapid printing of small circulations - menu for restaurants, envelopes, invitations, business cards and more. The high quality prints are provided by worldwide known brands such as Conica Mimolta, Epson, Hewlett-Packard and other. Plastic cards Today plastic cards have become almost an integral part of our daily life. Plastic cards are used everywhere, in personal, business, trade and promotional purposes. Plastic cards are used in banking, security, trade and other areas. Plastic card allows you to quickly and conveniently conduct financial transactions. With their help is conducted registration and kotrol of visitors in various organizations and institutions. Plastic card is used for passage in public transport. Plastic card is a powerful tool for attracting and retaining customers in the sphere of trade and service, due to the offer of discounts, bonuses and other favorable terms offered to the owner of a plastic card. Our professional equipment for printing plastic cards provides the highest quality and rightfully takes a leading position on the market of printing on plastic cards. Types of plastic cards Discount cards Discount card is a very common type of card that allows you to attract new customers and encourage permanent by providing them with benefits and discounts when purchasing goods or services. In the form of discount cards are often used cards with magnetic strip or marked with a bar code. Advertising cards Plastic cards as a means of advertising is widespread. On a plastic card with the logo can be made business cards, corporate calendars that can serve as an unusual souvenir, for example at the presentations or exhibitions. Club cards Club cards allow you to identify the members of various clubs, restaurants, bars, discos, recreation, etc. and also allow to their holders to receive the benefits or discounts for service in the issuing company. Bonus cards Bonus cards are usually used in trade and services. Owners of these cards are awarded certain points (bonuses) when buying goods or services that can be exchanged for various goods or be used as discounts when paying for goods or services. These cards usually have a magnetic tape or bar code. Identification cards Identification cards is the kind of plastic cards, performing the functions of a document identifying a person as a member of club, employee, etc. In the form of an identification card can also be manufactured certificates for the right of getting various kinds of benefits or medical care, etc. Prepaid card Prepaid payment cards are cards issued by commercial companies for settlements in trade and service network of the company and implies advance payment by the customers of goods or services when buying this type of card. These cards are widely used when paying for mobile phones, Internet access, pay phones, etc. As a rule, these cards have a code that necessary to open by erasing the Scratch-off-strip. Types of personalization of plastic cards Embossing Embossing is a drawing of alphanumeric information on the surface of a plastic card by pressing-out with the possibility of subsequent paint of the embossed information (usually in gold or silver color). This method of personalization is widely used in the manufacture of various types of plastic cards. The signature stripe The signature stripe is a special layer that is applied to the surface of the card, on which is able to make inscriptions. As a rule, is located on the back of the card in the form of a rectangular stripe (the position and shape may vary). The main purpose is the application of the signature and other additional information. Signature panels, as a rule, are applied with a special white paint. Barcode The barcode is encoded information that is applied on the plastic card in the form of strokes, which can be red by means of special devices. As a rule the barcode is used for the ID and discount cards. Scratch-off-strip Scratch-off-strip is non-transparent protective layer that is applied to the surface of a plastic card on top of protected information (for example, PIN code). To gain access to hidden information scratch-off-strip is erased by any object. This method of personalization is widely used in the production of prepaid cards and lottery cards. Magnetic strip The magnetic strip is an information carrier that is applied on the card. The recording and reading of information from the magnetic strip is performed by means of special devices. The magnetic strip has three tracks for recording information. On each track can be applied sequence of numbers and letters (the cardholder's name, card number, expiration date, etc). Magnetic strip can be lowcoercive (LoCo) or hicoercive (HiCo). The hicoercive magnetic strip has higher resistance of recorded information to the effects of external magnetic fields than the lowcoercive magnetic strip. Cards with magnetic strip is widely used in the discount, banking and identification systems. Sublimation print Sublimation printing is a process of plotting of the text or graphic information on the surface of a plastic card carried out by sublimation printer. The printing process consist in thermal transfering of the image from dyeing band on the surface of the card. Large-circulation printing Professional offset printing We have our own professional equipment of German company Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, the world leader in the production of printing machines. This equipment allows to produce high-quality offset printing that meets all modern requirements for quality printed products, whether magazines, brochures, flyers, leaflets and other types of informational and promotional products. Products printed on our equipment is a guarantee of your success in any field. Quality printed materials will be a confirmation of your reliability and reputation in the business. Prepress and postpress equipment In our print-shop are also available:
  • professional equipment for the perfect binding blocks / Heidelberg, Germany.
  • professional cutter for precise cutting of paper / Heidelberg, Germany;
  • unit for automatic numbering / Morgana, England;
  • digital duplicator (risograph) / Duplo, Japan;
  • devices for hot and cold lamination;
Contour cutting of vinyl and other materials Nowadays there is a big variety of advertising and design activities, and in many respects thanks to the modern opportunities of contour cutting of the self-adhesive materials such as vinyl, and other materials. Having in our disposal the Japanese cutting plotter of firm GRAPHTEC we offer high-precision contour cutting of any complexity. The area of application of contour cutting is very wide, from simple letters for decoration of shop windows and signs up to the complex-contoured pictures and small labels. Large-format printing An integral part of modern advertising and design activities is large-format printing. Large and colorful image is able to attract the attention of a much larger number of people, because of the large picture is well visible even at a big distance. Large images produce a stronger impression, therefore, are better remembered. Our company has a large-format printers such manufacturers as Epson and HP. We offer interior and exterior large-format printing for outdoor (street) and used indoors design and advertising. We have printers capable to satisfy any needs in the field of large-format digital printing. Epson technologies Nowadays, increasingly more requirements are demanded to the quality of printed image, especially in those areas that require color accuracy and high detailing - integrated photo printing and high-quality art print. Our large-format printer Epson allows to implement the most sophisticated creative ideas, thanks to modern achievements in the field of digital printing. High stability of color and color accuracy provided by Epson UltraChrome K3 Vivid Magenta ink allow to create durable and bright prints ideal for exhibitions of art photography, presentations, advertising campaigns. Inks are highly resistant to fading (up to 200 years!!!). So the "burned out" colors on the photos are in the past! The accuracy of the prints is provided by the improved characteristics of the ink drop. New printhead forms ink drops perfectly round, that allows to get high quality image. Three neutral colors allow to create excellent black-and-white prints with enhanced contrast, ideal gradation of tones and improved gray balance without the colour tone. This combination of black ink prevents bronzing and provides a uniform filling of the surface of the media in the light and dark areas. The meta-matter is also reduced, making grayscale look the same in all lighting conditions. Technology Epson LUT ensures that each point is created by a unique combination of ink from eight-color ink system. The proportion of colors is calculated separately for each point. Optimized distribution of ink provides maximum compliance between original image and its printed copy. The result is superb natural pictures. Hewlett-Packard technologies The rapid development of technologies leads to the progress not only in the field of technology, but also in the field of ecology, the outstanding example of which is the new latex print technology from Hewlett-Packard, the main advantages of which are:
  • Ecological compatibility. The printed material is non-toxic, odorless, ideal for restaurants and hotels, permitted for application in schools and rooms for children.
  • High image quality. Thanks to high resolution and ink properties the image is get smooth without visible points.
  • Brightness, saturation, and realistic images. Image is a peculiar film with good reflective properties that makes effect of brightness and saturation.
  • Fading resistance. The printed image is resistant to physical effects, such as the sun light. Lifetime of latex prints in outdoor conditions is up to 3 years without lamination, and 5 years with lamination.
  • Resistance to moisture and physical deterioration. Due to the chemical properties the image will remain sharp and clear after contact with water. The image is tightly adhere to a surface of a material and resistant to abrasion.
  • A wide range of printed materials. Printing on vinyl, banner, self-adhesive paper, textile, canvas, the common roll-fed paper and other.
The main implementations of latex print:
  • posters for trade points;
  • design of show-windows;
  • light boxes;
  • outdoor (street) banners;
  • graphics for vehicles;
  • the interior design;
  • self-adhesive pointers;
  • stickers for the glass;
  • and other.
Promotional gift products Social Like Every business activity has a necessity in promotional gift products. Presented souvenir with your logo, this can be a pen, keychain, badge, or any other accessory, will be long time remind about your company. Promo gifts is necessary for carrying out all sorts of promotions, holiday greetings, for participation in exhibitions, conferences, seminars and other business events. We offer a wide range of promotional products with drawing on them of your logo and other necessary data. The main assortment:
  • T-shirts
  • Mugs
  • Metallic thermomugs
  • Puzzles
  • Keychains
  • Pens
  • Badges
  • Laces for badges
  • Wall clocks
  • Watches
  • Football balls
  • Christmas balls
  • Notebooks
  • Diaries
  • Leather folders
  • Paper bags
  • Pen cases
  • Car flavors
  • Wet wipes for hands
  • Candies
  • and much more
Mat picture drawing on the glass Social Like The technology of glass matting is known for a very long time and currently is very actual and is demanded in design and art as well as the advertising activities. The advantages are obvious, because the image will never rub off, blur or fade. Besides, glass with mat picture always makes a good impression and attract attention. Possible applications:
  • pictures, inscriptions and logos on glasses and mugs;
  • inscriptions on the gift bottles with alcohol drinks;
  • drawings on small mirrors;
  • glass memorable award;
  • and much more.
Ready-made artwork requirements Social Like The file formats that we accept The ready-made artwork drawings and make-ups are accepted in the following file formats:
  • Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf )
  • Adobe Illustrator (*.ai, *.eps )
  • Corel DRAW (*.cdr)
  • Tiff (without layers) (*.tif)
The size and fill
  • The size of each page of the ready-made artwork must exactly correspond to the cut size of the product.
  • The ready-made artwork of blanking products must contain the sharply defined contour.
  • Guides are not pointers of the trim size.
  • The drawing placed on the page must have fill bleeding out of cutting edges (extension of objects, photos and backgrouds out of cutting edges).
  • In the sheet products and products that are fastened with brackets the topping-ups must not be less than 3 mm, and for the adhesive fastening and cutting - 5 mm.
  • All important informative elements of the drawed artwork (text, graphics, photography) that are not to be cut, must be placed as design elements with 3-5 mm of minimum distance from the cutting edge.
  • All full-color images must be performed in the CMYK color palette, the black and white in grayscale palette. The color palettes of Pantone Process Systems and Pantone Matching Systems could be applied only after consultation with the employees of our print house.
  • The redy-made artwork WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED if there are palettes other that CMYK such as RGB, Custom palettes, etc.
  • For large blocks of black color, use a composite black color: C60/M60/Y40/K100.
  • The file should not contain colors that will not be used when printing.
  • Total ink density (С+M+Y+K) should not exceed 280% for printing on an uncoated paper and 340% for coated.
Technological requirements
  • The overprint attributes are not to be used in the layouts. The customer is obliged to notify our Manager before provision of the redy-made artwork.
  • Do not use the lines thinner than 0.25 pt (0.1 mm) or Hairline in your publication. Lines thinner than 0.5 pt and black text must be painted with one color.
  • Minimum line thickness and font size of the reverse printing made with more than 2 colors are negotiated with the technologist of our print house.
  • When using fragmentary lacquer, stamping, embossing, it is necessary to specify technological requirements.
Bitmapped graphics Raster graphics placed in the publication or related to the publication must be presented as:
  • Tiff CMYK (full-colour print): Tiff Grayscale (not full-colour print); Tiff bitmap (not full-colour print).
  • Do not put into the publication the graphics presented as an OLE object.
  • Do not use in publication the halftone bitmap graphics with the resolution more than 400 dpi.
  • All fonts used in the publication must be submitted as vector graphics (in curves).
  • All fonts must be separately supplied with publication that contain large amount of text.
  • Avoid using reverse printing of fonts less than 6 pt on blocks consisting of several colors.
  • Bring only those fonts that you used when prepared your publication.
  • Do not use system fonts for layout (fonts that are installed during Windows installation).
Effects and plug-ins that are used in layouts Modern programs for graphic design provide extensive opportunities to create layouts. Try not to use the whole features of a software product.
  • Try to use more simple methods and tools to create you artwork. Complex publication usually causes problems with color separation.
  • It is admitted to use the Power Clip effect in the publication created in the Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator craphic programs.
  • All other effects must be converted to CMYK-bitmap 300 dpi.
Other requirements and wishes
  • Only Latin letters should be used in the file names.
  • The order of pages in the file and in the end product should be the same.
  • Try as little as possible to do the export files between graphic packages.
  • Try to reduce the amount of export of the files between graphic programs as less as it is possible.
The readiness to print out the publication is determined with the staff of the department of prepress preparation after submission of the order. Our print house is not responsible for the quality of printed products and the order may not be accepted in case if the mentioned above requirements are not fulfilled or the customer refuses to accomplish the presented artwork according to the rules.