Delta Telecom is one of the largest telecommunications operators in the region. The company with the most reliable infrastructure in terms of communication quality and telecommunication services is equipped with modern technologies. Delta Telecom owns a high-bandwidth stable superhighway, created on the basis of ASON/GMPLS infrastructure, which is the new generation of optical technology for DWDM networks, providing capacity throughout the region. Network infrastructure covers all regional centers and international accesses. Delta Telecom owns the largest Internet Super Highway in the region. The Super Highway, based on state-of-the-art Internet technologies, connects to Tier-1 Internet providers via 4 geographically diversified routes to Europe. Through the highest quality gateways through the largest international providers, such as TeliaSonera, CenturyLink, NTT, Vodafone, Seabone, Rostelekom, TTK and others, our Company is connected to Euro-Asian and Western global networks. The quality of services was also improved thanks to the direct connection to the Internet traffic exchange points Deutsch Internet Exchange (DE-CIX), AMS-IX, NET-IX along with the use of geographically diversified routes and connection to various Tier 1 operators in Europe. Through the infrastructure of Delta Telecom, a wide range of communication services is provided to mobile operators, Internet providers, banks and numerous commercial organizations. Our company’s Carrier Ethernet network includes corporate networking, data transfer and professional IP / MPLS services. Delta Telecom continues to maintain a leading position in the application of modern technology. For the first time in the region, Delta Telekom has become a pioneer in the application of technologies such as DVB-RCS (2004-cü il) PreWiMAX (2004-cü il), 802.16d (2006-cı il), ASON / GMPLS. One of the achievements of Delta Telecom is the creation of the first large-scale National Data Center.