"Gelecek Nasil" - early development center, designed to adapts to the world, which they are just starting to discover. On interesting lessons, which conducted in a game form, children learn conversational speech, develop intelligence and creative talents, motor activity.
Many young parents bring children to children's clubs. And this is by no means a tribute to fashion. The results of numerous researches have shown that children actively developing from an early age become more successful. It is easier for them to learn in the future the school disciplines, they have a good memory.
In our center children spend not whole day, just few hours, classes can be conducted in the morning or in the evening 2-3 times a week or on the days off, to be presented by individual master classes or complex rates of development. Heads of clubs, as a rule, develop several training programs and visit schedules, which allows parents to find the most suitable schedule and bring their children to the center at a convenient time for them.
The doors of our centeropen even for the smallest ones, for children half-yearly, which can not walk and talk. Special programs have been developed for babies. When children considering new things, rearranging cubes, playing, they improve sensory perception, develop hand motility. Classes with babies take place in the presence of one of the parents. The half-yearly and older children can be left alone to worry about nothing, there are specialists who are versed in psychologyand love children. They pay due attention to each kid, take into account itsfeatures and desires, take care that the children receive the maximum benefit from lessons, while not getting bored.
Our goal:
  1. 1. To reveal the abilities of each kid
  2. 2. To develop his skills
  3. 3. To promote communication with peers
  4. 4. To provide fundamental knowledge
  5. 5. To prepare for stay in kindergarten and in the school
Parent club “Galacak Nasil”:
  1. 1. School of successful pregnancy
  2. 2. Early intellectual development of children
  3. 3. Club of Creative Grandparents
  4. 4. School of Parenthood
Center of early intellectual development of children "GalacakNasil" from 10 months to 6 years, preparation to school
  1. 1. Development of speech, attention, memory, thinking, communication skills
  2. 2. Sensory development
  3. 3. Development of tactile perception
  4. 4. Development of orientation in space
  5. 5. Familiarization with the surrounding world
  6. 6. Formation of constructive activity
  7. 7. Physical, musical and aesthetic development.
Also, for children are given classes in drawing, chess, studying languages ​​with a psychologist and training with a speech therapist.
Program "Preparation for childbirth"
Group session within the special program "Preparation for childbirth. Maximum of useful information about pregnancy and childbirth. Study of breathing techniques that allow you to relax during the childbirth. In addition to given information about the final stage of pregnancy, psychological training for parents is provided. Fitness classes will allow future mothers to meet a child physically prepared! As a part of the program in our center, you can get answers to all the questions related not only to medical aspiration, the process of childbirth and neonatal care, but also related to the preparation for a meeting with a toddler.
The full course of the program lasts for 2 months!
  Pregnancy in each trimester. Group classes  with obstetrician.
Communicating with the baby in the womb. Group classes with a pediatrician.
Art-therapy for pregnant women. Group classes with perinatal psychologist
Music-therapy for pregnant women. Group classes with perinatal psychologist.
Daddy's day. Joint willingness to have a baby.
School of conscious parenthood. Group classes with perinatal psychologist.
Breastfeeding. Group classes with a specialist in breastfeeding and pediatrician.
Fitness for pregnant women (Pilates, fitball, meditation). Group classes with a fitness trainer.
  And also:
  1. 1. Yoga for pregnant women.
  2. 2. Fitness for pregnant women.
  3. 3. Yoga for moms with children.
  4. 4. Stretching for moms.
  5. 5. Individual consultation.
  Summer School for children "Galacak Nasil"
  • - Interesting and fun English lessons. Learning the language in a game form (three times a week) (for school and preschool age).
  • - Performing tasks on logic. Preparing for school.
  • - Games for the development of small motor skills (for school and preschool age).
  • - Games for the development of attention and memory (for school and preschool age).
  • - Games for the development of thinking (for school and preschool age).
  • - Study of the world (games, quizzes).
  • - Sand therapy (for school and preschool age).
  • - Development of speech
  • - Lessons of politeness
  Our address: Baku, st. Ismayil Gutgashynly, 80. Not far from the metro station "Elmlar Akademiyasi" and the monument of Nariman Narimanov.
Contact numbers: (+99455) 6387116 (whatsapp is active)
E-mail: geleceknesil@mail.ru