Shortly after the Soviet Union collapse, the former socialist countries, including Azerbaijan have geared their economies towards integration into a free market economy.
Obsolete technologies and floundering industrial units, inherited from the system of centralized socialist economy, did not meet the requirements of the free market economy. Many of them had to close down due to changing market conditions, while the others could maintain only half of their production capacities. The transition process brought severe unemployment and recession climate in the country.
Right up until 1993, Azerbaijan had practically no enterprises operating in the food manufacturing industry. Around this time the government laid down a new policy of privatization of industrial units. The influx of foreign investment, drawn in the country's economy, saw a sudden increase in the early 90s.
Mr. Abdolbari Goozal happened to be among those foreign businessmen interested in investing in Azerbaijan. Shortly after his first visit to Azerbaijan he opened his first local branch office in Azerbaijan. As a result of successful activities, this office later expanded into a leading group of companies in the food sector.
Azersun Holding has been the first foreign private company in Azerbaijan's food industry to incorporate several enterprises under its control pioneering the concept of a group of companies in the country.
Azersun Holding is poised for leadership in the production of food products across Iraq, the Middle East and the CIS countries. Azersun Holding and its subsidiaries hold certificates of the International Organization of Standardization ISO 9000 and continue to live up to the people's trust and expectations offering the best quality products and services in the market.