A&N International Ltd. provides professional legal and commercial consultancy in regards with doing business in the Republic of Azerbaijan. A & N International Ltd. provides professional advice and practically assists its Clients in solving their issues and achieving their objectives. We have successful experience in representing the Clients interests in relations with the State bodies, negotiations with the business partners and defending their position in court. A& N International Ltd. focuses on provision of the legal services to the foreign investors, carrying out their activities in the Republic of Azerbaijan, including the following:
  1. international investment and tax planning; establishing of the daughter companies, branches and offices representative;
  2. participation in the investment tenders and processes of obtaining the titles;
  3. legal support of the commercial activity, distribution of profits and dividends;
  4. legal consultancy in connection with the activity under PSA conditions.
Our services: A & N International Ltd. provides consultations to their Clients on matters of Azerbaijan and foreign legislation and practice. Services are provided in the following fields: Registration:
  • legal advice on choosing a correct form of organization and legal form of activity;
  • preparation of draft documents of incorporation;
  • establishing of representative offices and branches of foreign companies;
  • obtaining licenses for business activities;
  • reorganization and liquidation of commercial and noncommercial organizations.
Legal Consultations:
  • consultations on matters concerning civil; commercial, labor laws;
  • drafting of the contracts; company internal normative documents;
  • standing for the client in negotiations;
  • feasibility analysis of an investment project;
  • consultation on tax legislation;
  • consultation on legal matters concerning merchant shipping;
  • consultation on legal matters concerning PSA requirements in connection with the preferences, transfer of assets, taxation, etc.
Legal advice on customs matters:
  • services in the field of customs law;
  • consultations on customs legislation;
  • representation of clients' interests in customs authorities;
Operations with realty:
  • consultations on matters of buying real estate property in the Republic of Azerbaijan (apartments; buildings; enterprises);
  • legal follow-up of transactions with land; state registration of transactions with real estate property.
  • assistance in settling of the Client with the third persons;
  • assessment of court procedure perspective in settling a dispute;
  • claim drafting;
  • presenting of client's interests in court.
Experts: Nariman Mamedov Lawyer Тair А. Mamedov Lawyer Our mission is to provide our Clients with the reliable and qualified services