The «TAJ» LTD was established in 1997. Within a short period of time it obtained one of the leading positions in the domestic market of drinking water. It is a well known company mostly due to its 2 major brands - the bottled spring water Aquavita and the soft drinks Gulustan. The pure water Aquavita draws its holesome power for good from the Caucasus Mountains. It's birth-place is a bottom of the mountains. Its homeland is the Caucasus, where it is enriched with mineral salts. Thanks to its unique content - a perfectly balanced mixture of mineral salts and trace elements - the Aquavita helps our body to receive necessary elements and always be tonified. The impeccable pureness, unique balance of minerals and mild taste of the Aquavita fall into the hands of a consumer as that which was created by nature. That is what distinguishes the Aquavita from other brands, not only in the domestic market but also in the global one. Each sip of the Aquavita, wherever it is taken, becomes a little trip to the tops of the Caucasus Mountains. The water taste is a remembrancer of the place for those who have been there, and an invitation for those who just want to get into the motherland of this water. The Aquavita is an indispensable bonus for work, a leisure time and physical exercises. A unique taste of the Aquavita gives perfection to every lunch and dinner.