1. The RealGaz is the leading company of the technical gases and the first manufacturer of high pressure (200 and 300 bar) steel seamless gas cylinders in Azerbaijan.
  2. Production and sale of industrial gases (oxygen, propane, argon, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and dry ice)
  3. Production and sale of argon gas mixtures of any composition and special gases (acetylene, helium, special gas mixtures and SF6)
  4. Supply of liquid helium for MRI device
  5. Supply of pure gases (99,999%)
  6. Realgaz Has Permanent Stock For 50tons Of Lin, Lox Or Lar.
  7. Design, fabrication and supply of gas racks of various configurations to suit customer demands. In terms of numbers of cylinder per rack, horizontal or vertical design, maximum available working pressure etc. (e.g. 6, 12, 16, 24, 32,48, 64 rack cylinders)
  8. Design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of gas manifold systems, manual and automatic changeover manifolds.
  9. Performs hydro testing, inspection and refurbishing, repairing, coloring and provision certificates of cylinders.
  10. In The Laboratory Accredited in Accordance With The International Standard Iso 17025 The Analysis Of Various Types Of TechnIcal Gases Is Carried Out.
  11. Sale Of Gas Equipments: High Pressure And Low Pressure Regulators, Hoses, fittings, clamps, pipes, gas reduction gears.
  12. With the higher capacity production and integrated sales network, Real Gaz LLC is committed to serving the prompt delivery to any location in Azerbaijan and in Kazakhstan.
  13. RealGaz has its own laboratory where the analysis of all gases producing and having for sale is carried out.
  14. RealGaz is only company in Azerbaijan that has a permit for hydrotesting of cylinders tanks and vessels under pressure with provision of gurarantee.
  15. Supply of Dry Ice is also one of the fields of our activity.