Direction of the main activity of Medeks LLC is the sale and technical maintenance of medical, cosmetological, laboratory, spa and health resort equipment, as well as, sale of medical consumption equipment. During operation period the company has established a large distribution network (GE, Thermofisher, Dr. Mach, Richard Wolf, Boule, Johnson&Johnson, Fujifilm, Schrack Seconet, DekaLaser, Trautwein, Maletti, DepuySynthes, Teleflex, Rüsch, LMA, Weck, Horizon, Hudson, Arrow, Cutera, Nilo, Silverfox, Reanimed, Mortara etc). Medeks LLC which collaborated with more than 80 authoritative companies of the developed countries of the world presents the newest technologies to its customer. A wide range of medical, laboratory and cosmetological equipment are suggested to the clients in a retail sale center. But, company is not only satisfied with the sale of equipment. Medeks technical maintenance department carries out maintenance of the equipment with the support of highly qualified technician, electrician and computer engineers which underwent training in the most countries of the world. Provision of department technically in an appropriate level leads to rendering urgent and professional service to calls. Besides it, Medeks’ staff, having perennial experiences suggests a wide range of service from projecting and consulting related to establishing different types of laboratories, as well as, medical, cosmetological and SPA centers to delivery of facility being in completely ready condition.