Euro-Asian Construction Corporation “EVRASCON” (former “Azerkorpu”) was established in 1968 in Baku under the Ministry of Transport Construction of USSR and started its activity as “Mostootryad-100”. During the period of its activity the corporation has got great experience in the sphere of construction of various Projects either in Azerbaijan or abroad. Today, when Azerbaijan resembles a giant construction site, Euro-Asian Construction Corporation “EVRASCON”, being one of some multidisciplinary companies in Azerbaijan, realizes many important projects in different economical spheres and make their contribution to the rapid development of the country. In addition, the company is actively involved in the construction and assembly work abroad. Among these countries, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Turkey. The "EVRASCON" company has recently completed such big projects as:
  1. Construction of the largest Takhtakorpu Dam in Azerbaijan
  2. Construction of large bridges across the most abundant river Kura, across the bay to
Pirallahy settlement.
  1. Construction of the International Sea Trade Port in Baku
  2. Construction of the port Kuryk in the Republic of Kazakhstan, etc.
  3. Construction of a unique structure in Moscow city "The Soaring Bridge" pretending to get into the Guinness Book of Records.
High quality of performed work, world’s best samples of building technology, last achievements in building sphere, qualified multi-sectored staff this is what Euro-Asian Construction Corporation “EVRASCON” offers you today. Euro-Asian Construction Corporation “EVRASCON” makes all efforts to improve the life quality of Azerbaijan nation and assist in further progress of the country on the way of economical prosperity.