Category: Stationery

2. “Antaris Express-Center”

AZ1005, Baku

16, Nigar Rafibeyli str.

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Advertising Equipment, Advertising: Production, Banking Equipment, Candlesticks, Complex Maintenance Of Offices, Drawing Appliances, Games, Haberdashery: Leather Haberdashery, Ink & Paste, Paper, Paper: Packing & Wrapping Paper, Printing Materials, Printing Works, Promotion, Seals & Stamps, Signs: Equipment & Materials, Souvenirs, Stamps, Stationery, Suitcases,

Informations about shop Advantages you could have in cooperating with A4 shop: – advantageous location of the shop in the center; 5 minutes of the bus-stop and the metro-station – for the cooperative clients – express delivery within 3 hours – convenient and efficient formations of the documents – goods of high quality from Europe […]

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4. “Antaris Ltd”

AZ1075, Baku

46B, Ahmad Rajabli str.

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Accumulators & Storage Batteries, Acrylic Plastic, Adhesive Tapes, Advertising: Production, Audio & Video Cassettes, Audio & Video Equipment: Maintenance & Repair, Banking Equipment, Board, Books: Delivery, Sale, Cards, Cartographic Products, Cash Registers: Production, Sale, Serving, Coffee, Compact-Discs, Computers & Hardware, Computers: Maintenance & Repair, Computers: Network & Network Equipment, Computers: Software, Copying, Copying Machines, Accessories & Materials, Copying Machines: Maintenance & Repair, Design, Detergents, Electric Lamps, Fire-Extinguishers, Fire Extinguishing Devices, Furniture, Furniture: Production, Galvanic Cells & Batteries, Glues & Adhesives, Haberdashery: Leather Haberdashery, Heating Devices, Heating Elements, Hygienic Products, Internet-Shops, Internet: Web-Design, Machines: Cutting-Off Machines, Mail Order Catalogue, Office Equipment, Paper, Paper: Toilet Paper, Printing Equipment & Appliances, Printing Houses, Reservoirs, Rigging: Stamps & Pressing Forms, Signs: Equipment & Materials, Soap, Stationery,

О КОМПАНИИ Antaris MMC Начав работать на рынке с 2003 года компания Антарис, благодаря большому опыту сотрудников и правильно построенному маркетингу стала лидером рынка. В данный момент, работая с крупнейшими проектами и иностранными компаниями, а также большим количеством банков, государственных и гуманитарных организаций, наша компания занимает примерно 70% корпоративного рынка Азербайджана. Наша компания является дилером […]

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5. “Applied Technologies Inc.”, (Ati-Rs)

AZ1065, Baku

"Caspian Plaza II"; floor 12; 44, Jafar Jabbarly str.

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Abrasive Materials & Equipment, Adhesive Tapes, Alarm Systems, Devices & Components, Audio & Video Equipment, Automatic & Tele-Automatic Equipment, Bearings: Electro-Magnetic Bearings, Brushes, Buckets, Building Items, Structures & Semifinished Items, Bushes & Shells, Cable Fixtures, Cable Materials, Cars: Spare Parts, Auxiliary Equipment & Accessories, Chains, Chemical Industry: Equipment & Spare Parts, Clamps, Clothing: Working & Special Purpose Clothes, Communication: Equipment, Production, Sale, Communication: Satellite Communication, Compact-Discs, Compressors & Compressing Equipment, Computers & Hardware, Computers: Maintenance & Repair, Computers: Network & Network Equipment, Computers: Software, Conductors, Containers, Copying Machines, Accessories & Materials, Electric Engines: Units & Parts, Electric Equipment: Converters, Electric Equipment: Fittings, Electric Equipment: High Voltage Apparatus, Electric Equipment: Protection Devices, Electric Equipment: Switchboards, Earth Connection, Contacts, Electric Equipment: Wiring Accessories, Electric Lamps, Electrodes, Fans & Ventilation Equipment, Filters, Fire - Extinguishing Equipment, Footwear: Working & Special Footwear, Furniture: Office, Industrial & Special Purpose Furniture, Gas Industry: Equipment, Gaskets, Generators, Handing, Lifting, Haulage Equipment, Heating, Hot Water Supply: Equipment & Devices, Helmets, Hoses, Hydraulic Liquids & Oils, Industrial Signs, Insulating Electric Tapes, Insulating Materials, Integrated Circuits, Knives & Blades, Labelling Machines & Devices, Lighting Equipment, Mail Order Catalogue, Measuring Instruments & Controllers, Medical Instruments, Apparatus & Equipment, Nets, Office Equipment, Oil & Gas Production Equipment, Oil & Gas Refinery Equipment, Oil & Lubricants, Packing Equipment, Pipe-Lines & Equipment, Pipes: Steel Pipes, Pneumatic Devices, Polishing Equipment, Power Equipment: Control Systems & Mechanisms, Automated Registration, Instrument Stock, Power Supply, Pumps & Pumping Equipment, Radio-Electronic, Electronic & Electric Measuring Instruments, Representative Offices Of Foreign Companies, Organizations & Joint-Ventures, Rescue Equipment & Devices, Ropes, Safety Devices, Saws, Screws, Security & Fire-Fighting Equipment & Devices, Semiconductors, Signs: Equipment & Materials, Silicons & Its Compounds, Stabilizers, Staircases & Ladders, Stationery, Tarpaulin, Testing Equipment, Tools, Tools: Auxiliary & Clamping Tools, Tools: Cutting Tools, Tools: Electric Tools, Tools: Installation & Finishing Tools, Tools: Measuring Tools, Tools: Pneumatic Tools, Tools: Polishing Tools, Tools: Wood Working Tools, Training Aids & Devices For Educational Institutions, Transformers, Transformer Equipment, Valves, Water Treatment: Equipment, Materials & Technology, Welding Equipment, Wires, Wooden Products & Building Constructions, Woodworking Equipment,

Applied Technologies Incorporated (ATI) was established and registered in 1996 in the country of British Virgin Islands and also later registered in UAE, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. ATI operates in the business-to-business segment with the industrial sector by offering distribution services and engineering products to various industries and trades people in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, […]

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6. “Dostlug Company”

AZ1110, Baku

42, M.Alizadeh str.

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Compact-Discs, Computers & Hardware, Computers: Maintenance & Repair, Computers: Network & Network Equipment, Computers: Software, Copying, Copying Machines, Accessories & Materials, Copying Machines: Maintenance & Repair, Office Equipment, Stationery,

Высокое качество! Все Виды Офисной Канцелярии Канцелярские товары Продукты питания Хозтовары Обслуживание клиентов Розничная и оптовая продажа

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