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Auditing Services, Blasting Operations, Certification Of Product, Accreditation & Certification Of Testing Centres, Laboratories & Enterprises, Civil Engineering: Design & Construction, Cleaning Services, Consulting Service, Containers, Cranes, Cranes Elevating, Design, Drawing Appliances, Drilling Agents & Their Components, Drilling Equipment, Drilling Operations, Drilling Plants, Electric Equipment: Control Systems & Mechanisms, Automated Registration, Instrument Stock, Electric Industry: Design & Construction, Electric Industry: Equipment, Electric Installation Equipment, Engineering, Environmental Organizations & Services, Environmental Protection: Process & Equipment, Excavating Machines, Fabric, Fire-Extinguishers, Fire Extinguishing Devices, Gas: Calibration, Industrial, Medical, Pure, Technical, Handing, Lifting, Haulage Equipment, Handling Operations, Industrial & Civil Engineering Design, Inspection, Installation & Adjustment Operations, Ionizing Radiation & Elementary Particles Emitting Sources, Measuring Instruments & Controllers, Pipelines: Machines, Mechanisms & Construction & Major Repair Equipment, Power Supply, Maintenance Electric Power Transmission Network & Equipment, Quality Control, Rope Access, Ropes, Ropes, Strings, Safety Devices, Safety Training, Scales, Standardization, Standards, Standards, Measuring Devices, Surface Cleaning, Training, Training Aids & Devices For Educational Institutions, Valves, Welding,

TCS is an internationally recognised organization dedicated to providing professional services and expert representation to public and private companies in the local and international market since 2007. TCS provide Accredited Learning Services and Engineering Solutions, which cover various industry scope where certification of personnel and equipment is highly important. WE OFFER:        ACCREDITED […]

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