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1. “Antaris Ltd”

AZ1075, Baku

46B, Ahmad Rajabli str.

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Accumulators & Storage Batteries, Acrylic Plastic, Adhesive Tapes, Advertising: Production, Audio & Video Cassettes, Audio & Video Equipment: Maintenance & Repair, Banking Equipment, Board, Books: Delivery, Sale, Cards, Cartographic Products, Cash Registers: Production, Sale, Serving, Coffee, Compact-Discs, Computers & Hardware, Computers: Maintenance & Repair, Computers: Network & Network Equipment, Computers: Software, Copying, Copying Machines, Accessories & Materials, Copying Machines: Maintenance & Repair, Design, Detergents, Electric Lamps, Fire-Extinguishers, Fire Extinguishing Devices, Furniture, Furniture: Production, Galvanic Cells & Batteries, Glues & Adhesives, Haberdashery: Leather Haberdashery, Heating Devices, Heating Elements, Hygienic Products, Internet-Shops, Internet: Web-Design, Machines: Cutting-Off Machines, Mail Order Catalogue, Office Equipment, Paper, Paper: Toilet Paper, Printing Equipment & Appliances, Printing Houses, Reservoirs, Rigging: Stamps & Pressing Forms, Signs: Equipment & Materials, Soap, Stationery,

О КОМПАНИИ Antaris MMC Начав работать на рынке с 2003 года компания Антарис, благодаря большому опыту сотрудников и правильно построенному маркетингу стала лидером рынка. В данный момент, работая с крупнейшими проектами и иностранными компаниями, а также большим количеством банков, государственных и гуманитарных организаций, наша компания занимает примерно 70% корпоративного рынка Азербайджана. Наша компания является дилером […]

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2. “Caspian Event Organisers LLC”

AZ1025, Baku

"Azure Business Center"; floor 7; 15, Nobel ave.

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Abrasive Materials & Equipment, Abrasive Products, Academies, Access, Powered Access, Accounting Services, Accumulators & Storage Batteries, Acetylene, Acids, Acoustic Equipment, Acrylic Plastic, Adhesive Tapes, Administrations, Advertising Equipment, Advertising: Arrangement Of Advertising In Press, Advertising: Production, Aerials, Agricultural Engineering: Design & Construction, Agricultural Implements, Agricultural Machines, Equipment & Implements, Agricultural Machines, Equipment & Implements: Maintenance & Repair, Agricultural Produces: Procurement, Agricultural Produces: Storage & Processing, Agricultural Works, Agriculture: Design & Construction, Air & Railway Travel Agencies, Air Conditioners, Airlines, Airports, Alarm Systems, Devices & Components, Alternative Power, Aluminium, Its Alloys, Compounds , Raw Materials, Ammonia, Anticorrosive Protection, Materials & Equipment, Antifreezing Solutions, Antifriction Materials, Antique-Shop, Aquariums, Archives, Argon, Argon-carbon dioxide, Artificial Fur, Artificial Leather, Artificial Limbs, Asbestos, Asbestos Products, Asphalt Materials, Audio & Video Cassettes, Audio & Video Equipment, Audio & Video Equipment: Maintenance & Repair, Auditing Services, Automated Operation Systems, Automatic & Tele-Automatic Equipment, Automatic Lines: Design, Production, Supply, Installation, Avioequipment, Bags, Bakery Yeast, Banking Equipment, Banks & Banking Activity, Bar Coding, Encoding & Decoding Equipment, Bearings: Electro-Magnetic Bearings, Bearings: Plain Bearings, Bearings: Rolling Bearings, Bearings: Units & Parts, Beauty Parlours & Salons, Bed-Clothes, Beer, Bicycles, Billiard Tables & Accessories, Binders, Bitumen, Blankets, Plaids, Blanket Fabrics, Blanks, Metal Ingot, Blasting Operations, Blinds, Board, Boilers & Boiling Equipment, Bone Raw Materials, Books: Delivery, Sale, Boron, Compounds & Raw Materials, Bottom Plates, Bowling, Brake Shoes, Linings & Bands, Bread & Bakery Products, Bridges: Construction & 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Building Materials: Reinforced Concrete, Building Materials: Roof & Hydroinsulating, Building Materials: Roofing Slate, Building Materials: Sand, Building Materials: Scaffolding System, Building Materials: Solutions, Building Materials: Specialized Shops, Building Materials: Suspension Ceiling, Building Materials: Tile, Building Materials: Wall & Partition Materials, Building Materials: Whiting, Bulldozers & Related Equipment, Buses, Bushes & Shells, Business Centres, Business Cooperation Associations, Business Service, Cable Fixtures, Cable Industry: Equipment, Cable Materials, Cages, baskets, stellages for gas cylinders, Calcium & Its Compounds, Camps: Construction & Logistics, Candles, Candlesticks, Car Industry: Design & Construction, Carbon dioxide, Carbonic Acid, Cards, Carpets & Carpet Goods, Carpets Cleaning, Carriages, Cars: Maintenance & Repair, Cars: Production, Cars: Rent, Lease, Cars: Repair Equipment & Appliances, Cars: Sale, Cars: Spare Parts, Auxiliary Equipment & 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Organizations & Services, Environmental Protection: Process & Equipment, Escalators, Essential Oil, Ethyl Alcohol, Products Of Distilling Industry, Evacuations Services, Evaluation, Excavating Machines, Exhibitions & Fairs, Extensions, Fabric, Fabric: Cotton Cloth, Fabric: Flax Fabrics, Fabric: Sale & Delivery, Fabric: Silk Cloth, Fabric: Woolen Cloth, Fans & Ventilation Equipment, Feed Mill Industry: Equipment, Fertilizers: Plant Growth Stimulators, Fibre Optics & Materials, Film & Video Rent, Film Production, Filter Medium, Filters, Fire - Extinguishing Equipment, Fire Places, Fire-Extinguishers, Fire Extinguishing Devices, Fish & Sea Products, Fish: Canned Fish, Flags, Pennants, Flaming Equipment For Oil & Gas Enterprises, Flanges, Fleet Of Buses, Fleet: Design & Construction, Floor Coverings, Flour: Production, Sale, Flowers, Flowers: Artificial Flowers, Flowers: Devices For Growing, Foam & Cellular Plastics, Foil, Food Concentrates, Food Industry: Equipment, Food Products, 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Motorbicycles, Moving Services, Mowing Machines, Muffs, Multi Discipline Support Services, Museums, Musical Instruments, Devices & Equipment, Nails, Navigation Devices, Nets, News Agencies, Newspapers, Nickel, Its Alloys, Compounds & Raw Materials, Nitrogen, Non-Ferrous Metal, Non-Standard Equipment, Notary Offices, Nuts: Purchases, Sale, Office Equipment, Oil, Oil & Fat Products, Oil & Gas Industry: Design & Construction, Oil & Gas Production Equipment, Oil & Gas Refinery Equipment, Oil & Lubricants, Oil Pipelines & Equipment, Oil Products, Oil: Vegetable Oil, Oilcloth, Optics: Equipment, Devices & Materials, Organization of Events and Holidays, Ovens: Production, Sale, Repair, Oxygen, Package, Packing Equipment, Paints, Paper, Paper: Packing & Wrapping Paper, Paper: Toilet Paper, Paraffin, Parquet, Patent Study & Standards, Pawnshops, Perfume Industry: Equipment, Perfumes & Cosmetics, Pest Control, Petrochemical Equipment, Petrol, Pharmaceutical Equipment & Tools, Pharmaceutical Industry: Equipment, Photo & Cine Equipment & Accessories, Photograpghic Services, Photographic Equipment, Photographic Materials, Pillows, Pipe Fixtures, Pipe-Lines & Equipment, Pipelines: Machines, Mechanisms & Construction & Major Repair Equipment, Pipes: Asbestos-Cement, Pipes: Eathenware Ducts, Pipes: Fasteners & Connectors, Pipes: Glass Fiber Pipes, Pipes: Metal-Plastic Pipes, Pipes: Plastic Pipes, Pipes: Steel Pipes, Plant Cultivation, Plastic Articles, Ploughs, Plumbing Equipment, Plumbing Equipment: Specialized Shops, Pneumatic Devices, Polishing Equipment, Polymeric Materials & Synthetic Resins, Polymeric Materials: Production Of Articles, Polymeric, Composite Materials & Plastics: Production Equipment & Technology, Potassium & Its Compounds, Pottery, Poultry Farming, Power Engineering: Design & Construction, Power Equipment: Control Systems & Mechanisms, Automated Registration, Instrument Stock, Power Supply, Power Supply, Maintenance Electric Power Transmission Network & 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