Category: Power Engineering: Design & Construction

1. “Borusan Makina ve Güc Sistemleri Sanayi ve Ticaret AS-Authorised Dealer of Caterpillar”

AZ1023, Baku

Sett. Shikhov; 15Km Salyan Highway

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Agricultural Engineering: Design & Construction, Agricultural Machines, Equipment & Implements, Agricultural Machines, Equipment & Implements: Maintenance & Repair, Alternative Power, Boilers & Boiling Equipment, Building Equipment, Bulldozers & Related Equipment, Cultivators, Drilling Equipment, Earth Moving, Earth-Moving Machines, Electric Equipment: High Voltage Apparatus, Electric Equipment: Low Voltage Apparatus, Electric Industry: Design & Construction, Electric Installation Equipment, Engineering, Engines, Excavating Machines, Flaming Equipment For Oil & Gas Enterprises, Generators, Geological, Surveying & Geophysical Equipment, Handing, Lifting, Haulage Equipment, Harvesters, Harvesters: Cotton-Pickers, Hydraulic Liquids & Oils, Industrial & Civil Engineering Design, Machine & Instrument Engineering, Design & Engineering Service, Oil & Gas Industry: Design & Construction, Oil & Gas Production Equipment, Oil Pipelines & Equipment, Petrochemical Equipment, Pipe-Lines & Equipment, Pipelines: Machines, Mechanisms & Construction & Major Repair Equipment, Power Engineering: Design & Construction, Reclamation Works: Machines & Equipment, Repairing Equipment, Representative Offices Of Foreign Companies, Organizations & Joint-Ventures, Road & Road-Building Equipment, Shipbuilding & Shiprepair, Shipbuilding & Shiprepair: Design & Construction, Tractors, Cranler Machinery, Vessels: Equipment & Construction Components, Vessels: Sports, Tourist Vessels, Pleasure Boats And Other Floating Facilities, Washing Machines: Maintenance & Repair,


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3. “Caspian Event Organisers LLC”

AZ1025, Baku

"Azure Business Service"; Floor 7; 15, Nobel

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Abrasive Materials & Equipment, Abrasive Products, Academies, Access, Powered Access, Accessories & Metalware For Light Industry, Accounting Services, Accumulators & Storage Batteries, Acetylene, Acid Resistance Products, Acids, Acoustic Equipment, Acrylic Plastic, Adhesive Tapes, Administrations, Advertising Equipment, Advertising: Arrangement Of Advertising In Press, Advertising: Production, Aerials, Agglomeration & Concentrating Equipment, Agricultural Aviation, Agricultural Engineering: Design & Construction, Agricultural Implements, Agricultural Machines, Equipment & Implements, Agricultural Machines, Equipment & Implements: Maintenance & Repair, Agricultural Produces: Procurement, Agricultural Produces: Storage & Processing, Agricultural Works, Agriculture: Design & Construction, Air & Railway Travel Agencies, Air Conditioners, Airlines, Airports, Alarm Systems, Devices & Components, Alternative Power, Aluminium, Its Alloys, Compounds , Raw Materials, Ammonia, Anticorrosive Protection, Materials & Equipment, Antifreezing Solutions, Antifriction Materials, Antique-Shop, Aquariums, Archives, Argon, Argon-carbon dioxide, Artificial Fur, Artificial Leather, Artificial Limbs, Asbestos, Asbestos Products, Ash & Its Products, Asphalt Materials, Atomic Eqiupment: Design & Construction, Atomic Equipment, Atomic Products, Audio & Video Cassettes, Audio & Video Equipment, Audio & Video Equipment: Maintenance & Repair, Auditing Services, Automated Operation Systems, Automatic & Semi-Automatic Transfer Lines For Engineering & Metal Working Industries, Automatic & Tele-Automatic Equipment, Automatic Lines: Design, Production, Supply, Installation, Avioequipment, Axes & Wood-Cleaves, Baby-Sitters, Bags, Bakery Yeast, Baking Industry: Equipment, Banking Equipment, Banks & Banking Activity, Bar Coding, Encoding & Decoding Equipment, Barium, Compounds & Raw Materials, Barley, Baskets, Bauxite, Bearings: Electro-Magnetic Bearings, Bearings: Plain Bearings, Bearings: Rolling Bearings, Bearings: Units & Parts, Beast-Breeding, Beauty Parlours & Salons, Bed-Clothes, Bee Keeping: Produce, Beer, Bellows, Besoms, Brushes, Appliances For Cleaning, Bicycles, Billiard Tables & Accessories, Binders, Bismuth, Its Compounds & Raw Materials, Bitumen, Blankets, Plaids, Blanket Fabrics, Blanks, Metal Ingot, Blasting Agents & Components, Blasting Devices & Components, Blasting Equipment, Blasting Operations, Blinds, Board, Boilers & Boiling Equipment, Bone Raw Materials, Books: Delivery, Sale, Boron, Compounds & Raw Materials, Bottom Plates, Bowling, Boxes, Brackets, Brake Shoes, Linings & Bands, Brazing Torches, Bread & Bakery Products, Brewery: Equipment, Bridge Construction Equipment, Bridges: Construction & Repair, Bristle, Brokerage Service, Brushes, Brushes: Household, Buckets, Building Equipment, Building Items, Structures & Semifinished Items, Building Materials: Binding Materials, Building Materials: Border Stones, Building Materials: Bricks, Building Materials: Cement, Building Materials: Ceramics, Building Materials: Clay, Building Materials: Concrete Mixtures, Building Materials: Crushed Stone, Building Materials: Design & Construction, Building Materials: Dry Mixtures, Building Materials: Emulsion, Building Materials: Facing Materials, Building Materials: Filler, Building Materials: Glass, Building Materials: Gravel, Building Materials: Gypsum, Building Materials: Heat & Sound Insulating, Building Materials: Lime, Building Materials: Mastics, Building Materials: Millwork, Building Materials: Mineral, Building Materials: Mineral Wool, Building Materials: Natural Stones, Building Materials: Non-Metal Materials, Building Materials: Pearlite, Building Materials: Plain Concrete Items, Building Materials: Polymer, Building Materials: Porous Aggregate, Building Materials: Production Equipment, Building Materials: Reinforced Concrete, Building Materials: Roof & Hydroinsulating, Building Materials: Roofing Slate, Building Materials: Sand, Building Materials: Scaffolding System, Building Materials: Solutions, Building Materials: Specialized Shops, Building Materials: Suspension Ceiling, Building Materials: Tile, Building Materials: Various Raw Materials, Building Materials: Wall & Partition Materials, Building Materials: Whiting, Bulldozers & Related Equipment, Burners, Injectors, Buses, Bushes & Shells, Business Centres, Business Cooperation Associations, Business Service, Cabinets For Gas Tanks, Cable Fixtures, Cable Industry: Equipment, Cable Materials, Caesium & Its Compounds, Cages, baskets, stellages for gas cylinders, Calcium & Its Compounds, Camps: Construction & Logistics, Candles, Candlesticks, Car Industry: Design & Construction, Carbon, Carbon dioxide, Carbonic Acid, Cards, Carpets & Carpet Goods, Carpets Cleaning, Carriages, Cars: Maintenance & Repair, Cars: Production, Cars: Rent, Lease, Cars: Repair Equipment & Appliances, Cars: Sale, Cars: Spare Parts, Auxiliary Equipment & Accessories, Cartographic Products, Cases, Cash Registers: Production, Sale, Serving, Casino: Equipment, Casinos, Casting, Catalysts, Catering, Catering: Equipment, Cattle Intestines, Cattle-Breeding, Cellulose, Centrifugal Machines, Ceolits, Ceramic Tiles, Ceramics, Ceramics: Equipment & Production Practice, Cereals, Ceresins, Cerium & Its Compounds, Certification Of Product, Accreditation & Certification Of Testing Centres, Laboratories & Enterprises, Chains, Chambers Of Industry & Commerce, Charcoal, Chemical Fibres, Chemical Industry: Equipment & Spare Parts, Chemical Industry: Research & Design, Chemicals, Products Of Chemical Industry, Chemicals: Surface Active, Textile Fine Substances, Chewing Gum, Children Food, Children Goods, Children"S Home, China & Crockery, Chlorine & Its Compounds, Chromium, Its Compounds & Raw Materials, Circus, Civil Acts Registration Office, Civil Engineering: Design & Construction, Clamps, Clasps, Clay, Cleaning Services, Clock Industry: Specialized Production Equipment, Unstruments & Fittings, Clothing For Rent, Clothing National, Clothing: Custom-Made, Clothing: Headgear, Clothing: Production, Clothing: Sale, Clothing: Underwear, Bedding, Clothing: Uniform, Clothing: Working & Special Purpose Clothes, Coal, Coal: Sale, Cobalt, Its Compounds & Raw Material, Coffee, Coffee Shops, Coke, Colophony, Commercial Timber, Committees, Communication: Assembly, Construction & Repair, Communication: Cellular Communication, Communication: Equipment, Design & Construction, Communication: Equipment, Production, Sale, Communication: Exchange & Units, Communication: Mailing Services, Communication: Paging, Communication: Satellite Communication, Communication: Trunk Communication, Compact-Discs, Complex Maintenance Of Offices, Composite & Plastic Materials, Compressors & Compressing Equipment, Computers & Hardware, Computers: Maintenance & Repair, Computers: Network & Network Equipment, Computers: Software, Condensers, Conductors, Confectionary, Confectionery Industry: Equipment, 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Cheese Produce, Dairy Equipment, Dairy Preserve, Decorative & Auxiliary Materials, Appliances, Delivery & Distribution Of Periodicals, Desalinating Plants, Design, Detergents, Diaphragms & Membranes, Diesel Fuel, Diesel Locomotives, Disco, Disinfectant & Deratization Agents, Disposable Dishes, Diving-Dresses, Dog Breeding Supplies, Tools & Appliances, Doors, Dosimeters, Drainage Operations, Drawing Appliances, Dried Fruits: Purchases, Sale, Drilling Agents & Their Components, Drilling Equipment, Drilling Operations, Drilling Plants, Drive Belts, Drives, Drugstores, Dry Cleaning, Dry Cleaning: Equipment, Dryers, Drying Equipment & Devices, Drying Agents, Drying Oil, Dyeing Of Fabric, Clothes & Other Items, Dyes & Pigments, Dyes & Pigments For Cooking, Earth Moving, Earth-Moving Machines, Ebonite, Education Abroad, Education: Accounting Courses, Education: Art Schools, Education: Computer Courses, Education: Driving Courses, Education: International Pre-School And Kindergarten, Education: International Schools, Education: Language Courses, Education: Secretaries Training Courses, Eggs, Elecrtic Power Stations, Autonomous Power Supply, Electric Drives, Electric Engines, Electric Engines: Units & Parts, Electric Equipment, Electric Equipment: Control Systems & Mechanisms, Automated Registration, Instrument Stock, Electric Equipment: Converters, Electric Equipment: Fittings, Electric Equipment: High Voltage Apparatus, Electric Equipment: Low Voltage Apparatus, Electric Equipment: Protection Devices, Electric Equipment: Switchboards, Earth Connection, Contacts, Electric Equipment: Wiring Accessories, Electric Industry: Design & Construction, Electric Industry: Equipment, Electric Installation Equipment, Electric Lamps, Electrodes, Electrographical Materials, Embassies, Consulates, Enamel, Engineering, Engines, Entertaining Centers For Children, Environmental Organizations & Services, Environmental Protection: Process & Equipment, Enzymes, Biologically Active Substances, Enzymes, Biologically Active Substances: Raw Materials & Semifinished Products For Production, Equipment For Crime Detection, Escalators, Essential Oil, Ether, Ethyl Alcohol, Products Of Distilling Industry, Evacuations Services, Evaluation, Excavating Machines, Exhibitions & Fairs, Extensions, Fabric, Fabric Technical Tapes, Fabric: Card Fabric, Fabric: Chemical Fabrics, Fabric: Cotton Cloth, Fabric: Flax Fabrics, Fabric: Glass Fabric, Fabric: Hemp-Jute Fabric, Fabric: Rubber Fabrics, Fabric: Sale & Delivery, Fabric: Silk Cloth, Fabric: Woolen Cloth, Fans & Ventilation Equipment, Fats & Greases, Feather-Down Products: Raw Materials, Feed Mill Industry: Equipment, Feed-Processing: Equipment, Felt & Felt Wares, Felt Shoes, Ferrites, Ferro Alloys & Alloys, Fertilizers: Plant Growth Stimulators, Fertilizers: Production Equipment, Fibre & Mineral Fibres, Fibre Optics & Materials, Film & Video Rent, Film Production, Films: Magnetic Film, Films: Polymer Film, Filter Medium, Filters, Filters: Electrical Wave Filters, Filters: Optical Filters, Fire - Extinguishing Equipment, Fire Arms, Fire Places, Fire-Extinguishers, Fire Extinguishing Devices, Fire-Wood, Fish & Sea Products, Fish Breeding, Fishing, Fish Industry: Design & Construction, Fish Products, Technical, Fish: Canned Fish, Fishing Equipment, Flags, Pennants, Flaming Equipment For Oil & Gas Enterprises, Flanges, Flasks, Flax: Production, Procurement, Sale, Fleet Of Buses, Fleet: Design & Construction, Flogopit, Floor Coverings, Flotation Agents, Flour Industry: Equipment, Flour Milling Industry: Equipment, Flour: Production, Sale, Flowers, Flowers: Artificial Flowers, Flowers: Devices For Growing, Fluxes, Foam & Cellular Plastics, Foil, Food Concentrates, Food Essence, Food Industry: Design & Engineering, Food Industry: Equipment, Food Products, Food-Canning & Food Concentrate Industry, Footwear: Custom-Made, Footwear: Production, Footwear: Sale, Footwear: Working & Special Footwear, Forage, Forage Additives, Mixed Fodder, Forensic Examination, Forestry, Forestry & Wood Working Industry: Design & Engineering Service, Forestry: Machines & Equipment, Forgings & Metal Forgings, Foundry Equipment, Foundry Materials, Friction Materials, Frozen Food Products, Fruit & Vegetables, Fruit & Vegetables Preserves, Fuel, Fuel Cans, Fuel Oil, Funds, Fur, Fur And Sheep Skin, Fur Coats, Furnaces, Furnaces: Production, Sale, Repair, Furniture, Furniture: Components, Units, Parts, Accessories, Furniture: Industrial & Special Purpose Furniture, Furniture: Production, Furniture: Production Equipment, Galleries, Galvanic Cells & Batteries, Game Machines, Games, Gas, Gas Cleaning & Dust Catching Equipment, Gas Cylinders: Sale, Rent, Gas Industry: Equipment, Gas Network: Assembly, Maintenance, Operation, Gas Piperline, Gas Stations, Gas Stations: Equipment, Gas manifolds and racks with manifold system, Gas-Stoves, Gas: Calibration, Industrial, Medical, Pure, Technical, Gaskets, Gates, Gelatine, Generators, Geological, Surveying & Geophysical Equipment, Geology, Geophysical Operations, Glass, Glass & Glass Ceramic Industry: Equipment, Glass Ceramics, Glass Fibre : Production Equipment, Glass Fibre: Equipment, Glass: Raw Materials, Glass: Water Glass, Glasses, Rims, Lenses, Glassware & Crystal, Glucose, Glues & Adhesives, Glycerin, Gold, Golf Clubs, Grain, Granite, Graphite, Greenhouses, Hotbeds, Components & Equipment, Grindstones, Gypsum, Haberdashery: Leather Haberdashery, Haberdashery: Textile & Knitting Haberdashery, Hairdressing Salons, Hairdressing Saloons: Instruments, Equipment, Accessories, Hall-Stands, Handicrafts, Handing, Lifting, Haulage Equipment, Handling Operations, Hardware, Harvesters, Harvesters: Cotton-Pickers, Heat Exchanging Equipment, Heat Recovery Equipment, Heat Supply, Maintenance Of Heat Networks & Equipment, Heating Devices, Heating Elements, Heating, Hot Water Supply: Equipment & Devices, Heating: Radiators & Convectors, Helium, Helmets, Hides, High-Altitude Operations, Higher Educational Establishments, Holding Companies, Holiday Homes & Sanatoria, Honey, Hoses, Hoses & Pipes, Hosiery, Hotel Equipment, Hotels, House-Carriages, Household Appliances, Household Appliances: Maintenance & Repair, Household Chemical Goods: Sale, Household Chemistry, Houses & Buildings, Housing & Public Service, Human Resources, Humanitarian Organizations, Hunting, Fishing, Hunting, Fishing: Tackle, Hydraulic Liquids & Oils, Hygienic Products, Ice-Cream, Indicators, Industrial & Civil Engineering Design, Industrial Signs, Infra-Red Devices, Ink & Paste, Inspection, Installation & Adjustment Operations, Insulating Electric Tapes, Insulating Flaks, Insulating Materials, Insulators, Insurance, Integrated Circuits, Internet-Shops, Internet: Installation, Internet: Web-Design, Investment, Iodine, Its Compounds, Ionizers, Ionizing Radiation & Elementary Particles Emitting Sources, Iron Bends, It Services, Jack Hammers, Jewelry, Jewelry Equipment, Jewelry Products, Joints & Couplings, Juices, Kerosene, Kitchen Utensils, Knitted Goods, Knitting Machines & Accessories: Units & Parts, Knives & Blades, Labelling & Marking, Labelling Machines & Devices, Laboratories, Laboratory & Research Devices & Equipment, Laboratory Glassware, Ladders, Land Managament, Landscape Improvement & Gardening, Lanterns, Laser & Completing Elements, Laundry, Law-Enforcement Bodies, Lawn Mower, Lead, Its Alloys, Compounds & Raw Materials, Leasing, Leather, Legal Service, Lenses, Libraries, Lifts, Lifts: Production, Light Industry: Design & Engineering Service, Light Industry: Equipment & Auxiliary Devices, Lighting Equipment, Limestone, Linoleum, Liquid argon, Liquid nitrogen, Liquid oxygen, Lithium & Its Compounds, Locks & Ironmongery, Logging, Logging: Production Equipment, Lottery, Loud Speakers, Lubricants & Coolants, Lubricants & Coolants: Production Equipment, Lubricating Equipment, Macaroni Industry: Equipment, Macaroni Products, Machine & Instrument Engineering, Design & Engineering Service, Machine Building Equipment, Non-Standard, Machine-Tool Construction: Repair & Adjustment, Machine-Tool Industry: Design & Construction, Machines, Machines: Abrasive Circle Testing Machines, Machines: Balancing Machines, Machines: Boring & Drilling Machines, Machines: Cutting-Off Machines, Machines: Electrophysical & Electrochemical Metal Working Machines, Machines: Gear-Grinding Machines, Machines: Grinding Machines, Machines: Lathe, Machines: Metal Removal Machine Tool, Machines: Milling Machines, Machines: Planing & Slotting Machines, Machines: Tool-Grinding Machines, Machines: Transfer Machines, Machines: Wood Working Machines, Magazines, Magnesium & Its Compounds, Magnets, Magnetic Circuits, Magnetic Materials, Mail Order Catalogue, Malt, Manganese, Its Alloys & Raw Materials, Mannequins, Marble, Market Study, Massage: Instruments, Appliances & Accessories, Mastics, Matches, Material Study, Mattresses, Measuring Equipment, Measuring Instruments & Controllers, Meat & Meat Products, Meat Industry: Equipment, Medical Centres, Medical Containers & Packing Materials, Medical Devices & Materials, Medical Industry: Research & Design, Medical Instruments, Medical Instruments, Apparatus & Equipment, Medicine Abroad, Medicine: Antenatal Clinics, Medicine: Delivery Hospitals, Medicine: Diagnostic Centres, Medicine: Diagnostic Systems, Medicine: Esthetics-Plastic Surgery, Medicine: Health Centres, Dispensaries, Medicine: Hospitals, Clinics, Medicine: Medicinal & Ether-Oil Herbs, Medicine: Medicine Production Equipment, Medicine: Medicines & Pharmaceutical Products, Medicine: Medicines & Pharmaceutical Products: Raw Materials & Semifinished Items, Medicine: Polyclinics, Out-Patients Departments, Medicine: Stomatological Services, Mercury, Its Compounds & Raw Materials, Metal Ceramics, Metal Detectors, Metal Structures, Metal Working, Metallurgic Equipment, Metallurgy: Design & Engineering, Metallurgy: Ferrous & Non-Ferrous, Metallurgy: Powder, Metallurgy: Secondary Processing, Metalware Post For Gas Cylinders, Meteorological, Aerological Equipment & Appliances, Metering Devices, Metrology, Mica, Microbiological Products, Microbiology: Culture Medium, Microscopes: Units & Parts, Military Registration & Enlistment Office, Mineral Fertilizers, Mineral Water, Potable Water, Mineral Wool, Minerals, Mining & Tunelling Operations, Mining Equipment, Mining Industry: Design & Construction, Mining Industry: Research & Design, Ministries, Mirrors, Mixers, Mixtures, Blending Equipment, Models & Photomodels Agencies, Molibden, Its Alloys, Compounds, Raw Materials, Mooring, Motor Blocks, Motor Cultivators, Units, Accessories, Motorcycles, Motorscooters, Mopeds, Motorbicycles, Moving Services, Mowing Machines, Muffs, Multi Discipline Support Services, Museums, Musical Instruments, Devices & Equipment, Nails, Natrium, Its Compounds, Natural Resins, Navigation Devices, Nets, News Agencies, Newspapers, Nickel, Its Alloys, Compounds & Raw Materials, Niobium, Its Alloys,compounds & Raw Materials, Nitrogen, Non-Ferrous Metal, Non-Standard Equipment, Non-Woven Fabrics, Notary Offices, Number Plates, Nuts: Purchases, Sale, Office Equipment, Oil, Oil & Fat Industry: Equipment, Oil & Fat Products, Oil & Gas Industry: Design & Construction, Oil & Gas Production Equipment, Oil & Gas Refinery Equipment, Oil & Lubricants, Oil Pipelines & Equipment, Oil Products, Oil Shales, Oil: Essential Oil, Oil: Vegetable Oil, Oil: Wood And Resin Oil, Oilcloth, Optics: Equipment, Devices & Materials, Optics: Production Equipment, Ore, Organization of Events and Holidays, Ovens: Production, Sale, Repair, Oxygen, Package, Packing Equipment, Paints, Paper, Paper: Packing & Wrapping Paper, Paper: Toilet Paper, Parachutes, Paraffin, Parquet, Patent Study & Standards, Pawnshops, Peat Industry: Equipment, Peat, Peat Products, Pellets, Perfume & Cosmetic Raw Materials, Perfume Industry: Equipment, Perfumes & Cosmetics, Pest Control, Pesticides, Petrochemical Equipment, Petrol, Pharmaceutical Equipment & Tools, Pharmaceutical Industry: Equipment, Phosphor, Phosphorite, Phosphorus, Its Compounds & Raw Materials, Photo & Cine Equipment & Accessories, Photograpghic Services, Photographic Equipment, Photographic Materials, Pig Iron, Pillows, Pipe Fixtures, Pipe-Lines & Equipment, Pipelines: Machines, Mechanisms & Construction & Major Repair Equipment, Pipes: Asbestos-Cement, Pipes: Eathenware Ducts, Pipes: Fasteners & Connectors, Pipes: Glass Fiber Pipes, Pipes: Metal-Plastic Pipes, Pipes: Plastic Pipes, Pipes: Steel Pipes, Plant Cultivation, Plastic Articles, Plasticizers, Platinum, Its Alloys, Compounds & Raw Materials, Ploughs, Plumbing Equipment, Plumbing Equipment: Specialized Shops, Pneumatic Devices, Pneumatic Transport: Equipment, Polishing Equipment, Polymer Tapes, Polymeric Materials & Synthetic Resins, Polymeric Materials: Production Of Articles, Polymeric, Composite Materials & Plastics: Production Equipment & Technology, Pontoon, Porcelain Clay, Potassium & Its Compounds, Potter"S Equipment, Pottery, Poultry Farming, Poultry Processing Industry: Equipment, Power Engineering: Design & Construction, Power Equipment: Control Systems & Mechanisms, Automated Registration, Instrument Stock, Power Supply, Power Supply, Maintenance Electric Power Transmission Network & Equipment, Power Transmission Line Supports, Precious Metals, Precious Metals: Production Equipment, Precious, Semiprecious Stones, Presentation Systems, Preservation: Devices, Preservatives, Press Forging Plants, Presses, Primers, Printing Equipment & Appliances, Printing Houses, Printing Materials, Printing Works, Production Transport, Programming & Technical Complexes, Promotion, Propane, Prosecutor"S Offices, Protection & Security, Psychological Help, Public Baths, Saunas, Public Organizations, Publishing Houses, Pulp & Paper Equipment, Pumps & Pumping Equipment, Pyrotechnic Devices, Quality Control, Quartz, Racks, Radar Equipment & Devices, Radio Electronics, Radio Electronics: Design & Construction,


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4. “Evrascon”

AZ1006, Baku

"Wellington Heights Business Center"; 8, Gurban Khalilov str.

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Bridges: Construction & Repair, Civil Engineering: Design & Construction, Construction & Repairing Works, Construction: Installation & Adjustment Operations, Construction: Roofing, Design, Houses & Buildings, Industrial & Civil Engineering Design, Power Engineering: Design & Construction, Welding,

Euro-Asian Construction Corporation “EVRASCON” (former “Azerkorpu”) was established in 1968 in Baku under the Ministry of Transport Construction of USSR and started its activity as “Mostootryad-100”. During the period of its activity the corporation has got great experience in the sphere of construction of various Projects either in Azerbaijan or abroad. Today, when Azerbaijan resembles […]


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