OZKAYA GROUP started business in Azerbaijan in 1995 by Mr. Ali Yağcıoğlu, as a producer of various scaffolding systems, adjustable props and other construction elements from steel pipes (with all necessary quality). Starting from 2004, OZKAYA GROUP started production of professional kitchen equipment from stainless steel including industrial refrigators, and in 2007 OZKAYA GROUP entered in isolation material market as producer and distributer. All OZKAYA GROUP productions are produced in modern standarts with modern equipment. Nowadays OZKAYA GROUP is making new joint ventures as distributer of many turkish companies and working together with these companies on know – how and production OZKAYA GROUP is a strong and trusted company in Azerbaijan. Started from the beginning, OZKAYA GROUP is working for quality and safety for its customers, with its experienced and qualified workers. Working with is a thesis of "A MAN’S MIRROR IS HIS WORK”, OZKAYA GROUP is cooperating with many companies in Azerbaijan. OZKAYA GROUP is proud to have a role in economic development of Azerbaijan economy. Özkaya Group- is the successfully improving company that produces technological equipments and equipments for catering enterprises such as restaurants,bars and etc. Kitchen equipments as well as distribution lines, baths, washing and kitchen shelves made of stainless steel. Moreover, equipments related to the canteen, food, medical and pharmaceutics industry can be ranked in our product list. According to the list, we also offer manufacturing tables, shelves, trucks, all kinds of refrigeration equipments (refrigerators with metal and glass doors and refrigerated cabinets) and number of positions of high quality. We design and provide all kinds of equipments for the bakery and confectionary industry.